Calvinism and the Bible: A Bibliography

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This article is no longer available online, but the entire four-part series is available for purchase as a downloadable resource/pdf.

Considering Calvinism • Item 02972 • $4.99

What is Calvinism? How should we feel about what it teaches? How does Calvinism contrast with what we believe to be a more biblical view of sin and salvation?

Jack Cottrell examines the essence and errors of Calvinism in this 10-page resource that originally appeared as a four-part series in CHRISTIAN STANDARD.

The articles focus on “Sovereignty and Free Will According to Calvinism” and “According to the Bible,” and a two-part explanation and response to “The T-U-L-I-P Doctrines.” Included are an article on the history of Calvinism—which didn’t originate with John Calvin—and a bibliography of the best books explaining Calvinism and Arminianism.

All downloads include permission to reproduce material up to 10 times for ministry and educational purposes.

To order this resource, CLICK HERE. To sample the first few paragraphs of article one, continue reading below . . .

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