Now You Can Read Christian Standard on Your Smartphone or Tablet!

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CS_App_250_SRHave you downloaded the new Christian Standard app? It’s free for you today.

• Be the first to see Christian Standard’s commentary, how-to help, and news, before it appears on the web or the printed magazine.

• Enjoy content and graphics that appear only in the print magazine—some of the best material we publish!

43307_Appstore_180_JN• Discover everything you can do with these digital editions—share content, clip and save articles for GooglePlay_180_JNfuture reference, dig deep into articles and see related posts and

After you’ve explored all the possibilities in the free preview issue, subscribe 43307_Amazon4_180_JNfor only $14.99 annually or $9.99 for six months—plus your first month is free!

Download your free app today from any of three sources (just click on the appropriate logo).

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  1. Dear Mark.
    Christian standard is so helpful to me. I praise the Lord for this. TPungsar

  2. I thank God for this Christian Standard because it gives me strength for my spiritual journey.

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