Contributing Editors


Contributing editors help define the focus of CHRISTIAN STANDARD, identify issues facing volunteer leaders and staff members in churches we serve, and suggest future themes. They periodically write for the magazine and regularly consult, advise, and react to the editors regarding past and future content in the magazine.

The contributing editors include:

• Becky Ahlberg, Anaheim, California

• Ben Cachiaras, Joppa, Maryland

• Arron Chambers, Greeley, Colorado

• Glen Elliott, Tucson, Arizona

• Jeff Faull, Mooresville, Indiana

• Phyllis Fox, Milligan College, Tennessee

• Randy Gariss, Joplin, Missouri

• Jennifer Johnson, Levittown, Pennsylvania

• E. LeRoy Lawson, Johnson City, Tennessee

• Doug Priest, Indianapolis, Indiana

• Matt Proctor, Joplin, Missouri

• Jim Tune, Toronto, Ontario

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